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School of Samaya is an International non profit, non government and non denominational organization serving the Greater Good. We offer online eLearning programs to target anyone who wishes to expand their knowledge in the Alternative Healing Arts.

Samaya Tantra is our holistic wellness center based in Carlswald AH, Midrand in South Africa and we are looking to expand to Mauritius in 2018. Samaya Teens has been given its own identity to give attention to the needs of our teens.

Karen Kruger, has over 14 years experience in studying spiritual sciences, and is a Reiki Master and qualified Alternative Healing and Holistic Practitioner as well as a Life Skills Facilitator. She offers various healing services and creative programs and workshops to empower teenage girls, women and children. Over her 42 years of Life experience Karen has become passionate in sharing, guiding and helping teen girls with knowledge, tools and techniques to help them deal with their physical, emotional and academic issues. Karen started Samaya Tantra in 2008, a Holistic Center offering you a space for discovering the inner you, finding the happiness you search for and unveiling the understanding you yearn for. Find out more by visiting our website www.samayatantra.com

Karen has been passionate about working with teenage girls and empowering them to manage their emotional strifes to be strong feminine young individuals believing in themselves. Although this website focuses on attracting the young female teenager please note it is not limited to that. We offer the same programs for teen boys as well.

TLB Kruger, Author and Spiritual Adept of over 30 years influences the foundation of the framework of our Mindfulness courses and programs that we offer. Visit www.tlbkruger.com to find out more about Tjaart and his publications.

Other websites under the Samaya umbrella:
For Adult programs : www.samayatantra.org
For Kids & Tweens : www.samayakids.org
For eLearning : www.schoolofsamaya.org
For Meditation in the Workplace : www.meditationintheworkplace.org
For Meditation in the Classroom : www.meditationintheclassroom.org

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