Crystal Healing Treatment

Crystal Healing Treatment

Crystal therapy is an ancient healing system concerned with treating you holistically through the precise placement of crystals on the body. This means that, crystal therapy addresses you as a whole – paying as much attention to your spiritual and emotional well-being as to your physical health.

Crystal therapy is based on the premise that crystals can, in a sense, communicate with the energies flowing around the human body. On a microscopic level a crystal is a network of repeating geometric patterns made up of compressed ions, atoms and molecules. Every crystal has its own unique electromagnetic charge. These charges, or ‘healing vibrations’ interact with the body’s energy centres to remove ‘blockages’ and restore a healthy flow through the body and mind.

Crystal are chosen for each individual patient as each one is believed to have a unique healing power. Crystals are then placed on different areas of the body in a grid-like fashion designed to stimulate energy. At Samaya Tantra we focus on the 7 main energy centers to activate your Kundalini channel and flow of energy.

Sometimes the colour of the crystal will be chosen to correspond with the supposed colour of each energy point on the body. From the tip of the tailbone to the top of the head the colours are as follows: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Benefits of crystal healing for Teens:

* Less likely to show signs of anxiety and depression

* Improves concentration

* Enhances relaxation and sleep

* Calms and promotes balance

* Enhances self awareness and self esteem

* Helps with asthma, hay fevers and hormone imbalances

Sessions  is 60 minutes

Fee is R350 per session

Here are eight crystal allies which can provide assistance and support during these emotionally trying times.

Rose Quartz is one of the most important stones of our time. It stimulates and opens the Heart (4th) Chakra Energy Center, clears the emotional body and assists in the integration and resolution of old emotional programs. Because of its heart healing property, it is the quintessential stone of Love. Rose quartz is very helpful when teenagers go through those hormonal roller coaster phases. Without intentionally meaning to, often people make us feel as if we are not worthy of the lives we lead. Plus our society thinks if you are not part of the upper crust, you are not as worthy as they are. This causes a feeling of negative self-worth that can affect our ability to live life to its fullest. Carry or wear a rose quartz crystal to increase your feeling of self-worth and banish this problem. Rose Quartz also helps the body relax by reducing stress and anxiety. When placed in a room it keeps the energy loving and kind. Rose quartz is one of the greatest healing crystal for children and teens, especially for those who have a lot of hurt feelings or aggressive tendencies.

Amethyst is the master healing crystal. It works on the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. Amethyst helps bring spiritual clarity and love of the higher mind. It can be used in healing to diffuse pain. It clears one’s energy field and enhances for one’s environment. By Clearing and opening the third eye and crown chakras one can accelerate the development of intuitive abilities.  For children “in transition”, whether it be a growth spurt, a major disappointment such as failing a grade, or even hearing the devastating news of divorce or death, Amethyst accepts all negative emotions and provides comfort through spiritual acceptance. Placing an Amethyst cluster in a child’s or teens room who has various disabilities or either physical or emotional pain, will help clear unwanted discharged energies, bringing the room back into a balanced state. It helps to create and sustain a protective “bubble of Light.”

Sodalite works on the Third Eye and Throat Chakras. Sodalite allows access to subconscious and intuitive abilities, enhanced insight and mental performance, and deepened intuition. Because sodalite works on the Third Eye chakra it helps with mental clarity. This mineral Promotes peace, harmony and truth in spoken word. It aids in clearing electromagnetic pollution. Placing it on computers can block their harmful emanations. On a physical level, it works on the larynx, vocal cords and throat. This Stone is great for the Teenager going through puberty. Sodalite helps with conscious and subconscious fears. There are many reasons why people have fear and many different types of fear. Television, media, commercials, news, “societal norms”, etc all have a hand in “creating” fear in every aspect of our daily lives.  And while none of these are easy to deal with, Crystals and the mineral kingdom can help with most fears. Wearing crystals over a long time will help reduce the severity of fear and nervousness. Wear the crystals for several days before engaging in a known event that you scares you. Hold the crystal in your hand for deeper effect. Put your fears into the crystal  and let the crystal energy work with you.

Black Tourmaline or Schorl clears Auric imbalances. They are vacuüm cleaner of sorts, in that they clear out energies which are not our own. It is an excellent purifier because it helps one detoxify at all levels. Black tourmaline crystals are ideal for psychic protection for anyone who must work or live in challenging places or circumstances.  A person with any illness can wear the necklace because of Black Tourmaline’s ability to transmute negative/heavy energy.  Over time it can actually help the person work through the dis-ease in a positive way. Every time we hit a stressful situation, we go “out of harmony” with our body.  Wearing this gem will help reel you back to the center and de-stress you.  And in our world, there’s an awful lot of stress.  If you work or live in a chaotic environment, you can feel the stress so deeply you can cut it with a knife. Just putting a nice clump of Black Tourmaline in the affected space will act like an energetic vacuüm cleaner, thereby creating a ‘stress free zone’.  Just as air filters work to clear a room of dust, the Black Tourmaline generator will ‘clear the air’ of heavy, dense and “negative” energy.

Clear Quartz is the most versatile and multidimensional stone in the mineral kingdom. It is a general all-purpose healing crystal. It is a programmable, amplifier of energies, and acts a crystalline “memory chip” of sorts. It is the multi-task crystal in my tool box. Each Quartz crystal has its own energy signature and healing mission. When a child or teen makes contact with the right crystal, the energy is discharged either very slowly, or quite suddenly so it feels like a very mild electric shock. This natural energy can be just enough to transform a disharmonious thought pattern, burn off some negative emotional state, or even place the spiritual seeds of one’s future into consciousness. Clear Quartz Works to Clear and Activate the Crown Chakra. It is piezoelectric, which means it can transform pressured energy into electromagnetic energies and vice versa. Clear Quartz is also the stone of Light, bringing heightened spiritual awareness to whoever wears, carries or meditates with it. Work with Clear quartz for healing, consciousness expansion, chakra opening, sending love, polarity balancing, and communication with angels and spirit guides.

Smoky Quartz is an excellent grounding stone.  It gently neutralizes negative vibrations and is detoxifying on all levels, prompting elimination of the digestive system and protecting against radiation and electromagnetic smog. Smokey Quartz disperses fear, lifts depression and negativity.  It brings emotional calmness, relieving stress and anxiety.  Promotes positive thoughts and action, and alleviates suicidal tendencies.  Dispels nightmares and manifests your dreams.  Smokey Quartz aids concentration and assists in communication difficulties. Sometimes sadness arrives with little control over when, where and how it will be expressed. On another level, smoky quartz can help us with emotional upsets, losses and traumas that affect us physically, mentally and emotionally. Grief is natural and is both a cleansing process and a healing process that provides direction for change. Crystals help to support the process by keeping our Hearts open for healing and our feet on the ground so we can continue despite the grief. If sadness has visited you, smoky quartz is the perfect crystal ally. Smokey Quartz is the best for severe loss and if worn briefly during the beginning stages of grieving. Give these crystals your energy. They will help you emotionally cope with change.

Selenite is a mineral which helps spiritual activation and communication with the Higher Self, your spirit guides and Angels.
Feeling weird or unbalanced is not uncommon during the adolescent stage of life and it can be unsettling and distracting. As intuition begins to develop at new and higher levels, there can be imbalances and even conflict between the psychic-intuitive function and emotions and feelings as the teen grows  towards adulthood. The “Teen Brain” is in the middle of many changes. Teens on the path of intuitive development will often need the recommended crystals to center themselves.  Learning to ground their energies while working with Selenite can be of great assistance in day-to-day living while they navigate through these changes. Wearing the crystal by itself at the Heart Chakra as needed will offer the best effect. Selenite also clears blockages and densities in the energy field. Selenite wands can be used to direct high-frequency energy into the body, stimulating physical healing. In addition to the afore-mentioned benefits, Selenite is a self-cleansing crystal. It constantly recharges itself, so you never have to worry about cleansing it or recharging it–ever! Selenite can cleanse, recharge, and program your crystals and gemstones as well.

Blue Lace Agate variety is a very cooling and calming stone, endowing us with a sense of peace and tranquility.  This stone is the best crystal ally for communication, clarity and confidence.  It is A powerful throat healer, as it assists  with verbal expression of thoughts and feelings.  Blue Lace Agate is a great nurturing and supportive stone, neutralizing anger, infection, inflammation and fever. Blue lace agate has a very gentle energy. It brings soothing calm to aggressive children and rebellious teens. Blue lace agate is associated with peace, emotional balance and communication. It is often recommended for stress and teenage blues.  Blue lace agate is ideal for healing work. On an emotional level, blue lace agate is calming and centering which helps soothe nervous or worried dispositions and calm overly stimulated children and teens.  It assists overly verbal individuals calm their addiction to talking and assist them in focusing on saying only what is really needed to be said. Reference

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