No Curfew! Changing the Rules

No Curfew – A Coaching Program for Teen Girls

We offer a comprehensive, fun and interaction program for girls, equipping them with the tools they need to manage their emotional stresses and to become emotionally strong successful young women

Mentoring Girls and Creating Leaders!


The program details include:

“I am what I project to the world”
 Social media has been a tremendous benefit to our world, yet it has also hindered the basic communication and interpersonal skills of our youth. Public speaking and the ability to have a “personal elevator speech” is still an important element. This workshop will provide skills to the girls to present themselves professionally and with confidence and grace.

“My Body, My Temple”
Embracing “unique” beauty is a critical lesson for girls and respecting/valuing differences. Learning to treat your body with respect is a difficult lesson to learn. We go through why girls abuse their bodies through various ways and share with them various techniques of emotional release in safer ways. The young girls will be given tools to better maintain their physical image; related to skin, personal hygiene, and hair as well as learn the importance of healthy nutrition and physical fitness.

“Mindfulness is Key”
Yoga and Meditation forms the basis of maintaining emotional balance and calem. We also focus alot on mindful living and the consequences and karmic influences thereof. This includes an introduction to Crystals and Chakras and alternative healing practices.

“Express Yourself”
This is the foundation of the workshop. We explore the numerous emotions across the 7 levels of our being and create understanding on what is happening and why. We deep dive into our issues and release all old habits and behaviour. Balancing everyday life as a teenage girl can be very demanding and overwhelming. Girls will learn healthy ways to express emotions and feelings through journaling, as well as techniques that will help them convey their dreams by creating visualization boards. This creates a vehicle for the girls to release emotional stresses at school or with parents and sibilings as well.

“Dinner and Etiquette”
Knowing the importance and the art of fine dining is essential to navigating through business and social circles. Young women will be instructed step by step through a full three course meal learning place settings, silverware selection as well as customary dining practices and basic etiquette.

“Planning Ahead: Young Moguls”
Preparation is key to having a successful future. This workshop will teach the importance of good study habits, organizational skills, and proper planning in order to prepare our girls to be college bound. We will also teach the importance of defining and perfecting your skill set and how that can lead to a success in entrepreneurship.

This is a 3 week program which is done as a one on one program or with a group of friends at a discounted rate per teen over the 3 week period. Each session is 120min with self work processes to complete for the next sessions. Alternatively join the scheduled Mindfulness Holiday Workshop.

Program Fee :
R1800 per teen which is all inclusive of all materials required.

Enquire about our discounted group rates for 4 and more.

The above mentioned aspects are merged into a fun and interactive program for your teen

Session 1 & 2:

Healing from Within

*Self Reflection processes

*Includes Energy Healing Program

* Includes Yoga and Meditation

Session 3 & 4:

Healing from Without

* Includes Body Care & Make Up

* Includes how we dress

* Includes understanding of body language

Session 5 & 6:

Healing from Source

*Includes Creative Visualisation & Vision Board Activities

*Crystal Manifestation Grids

*Etiquette and Mindfulness

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